C. Martínez-Luna
Tel.#: 206-933-0835
E-Mail: christopher@martinezluna.com

Artist Statement

I refer to myself as a "Chicano Artist".   Chicano culture exists independently both from its Mexican and Mexican-American origins.   I identify my work and myself with the fusion and dynamics of being Hispanic in America.   My work is highly personal and directly relates to my individual experience of the rich heritage, family and tradition I come from.

Currently, I am utilizing advertisements and found objects taken from or influenced by Hispanic culture and juxtaposing them with portraits of my family.   I'm attempting to address some of the stereotypes and realities of my experience of being American on a day-to-day basis.

In my work, I am not trying to place blame so much as celebrate my Chicano heritage and the unique culture that is a result of assimilation.   I want to continue the vital and important art movement that was started by the Mexican-American community and to continue its legacy.